ImmigrateFast.Law Client Success Series No. 4: From Illegal Status to Lawful Permanent Residency Through Parole in Place Program

In this ImmigrateFast.Law Client Success No. 4, we share the true story of our client, illuminating  the possibilities of the Parole in Place (PIP) program. This program offers a unique pathway for specific family members of U.S. military personnel to adjust their status without leaving the United States. Our client has gone from illegal status to Lawful Permanent Residency, despite entering the United States illegally. 

Parole in Place Program and Discovering Hope

Our client, an undocumented immigrant, faced significant obstacles due to her unlawful status in the United States. Nevertheless, hope arose when she learned that her U.S.-born daughter’s connection to the Army National Guard could qualify her for Permanent Residency through the PIP program.

At first, our client had to provide comprehensive documentation to substantiate her familial ties and her daughter’s military status. Subsequently, our team at ImmigrateFast.Law guided her through each stage, ensuring correct filing with the USCIS office. After a year of anticipation, the Las Vegas field office approved her PIP application. Consequently, this approval gave her the security to reside in the United States without fearing deportation. More importantly, it paved the way for her to apply for Lawful Permanent Residency (LPR).

Adjustment of Status

Undeterred, the journey continues. Despite the application for Lawful Permanent Residency (LPR) introducing new challenges, she remains determined. With our steadfast legal support, she received the anticipated approval. Finally, her perseverance pays off, marking a victorious milestone in our client’s immigration journey.

The Dynamic Impact of Parole in Place

Today, she lives in the U.S. as a Lawful Permanent Resident – a testament to the transformative potential of the PIP program. Moreover, her achievement is a compelling illustration of the profound impact that informed legal advice can have.

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